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HB Capital LLC.

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Small Business Loan Rates


"I really don't know where I'd be If I hadn't reached out!"

Angie Buchanan


Get Anywhere From $1,000-$1,000,000 Today

HB Capital LLC. provides small business loan alternatives to small business owners who own existing businesses (must have business bank account setup + at least 4mos in business).

We fund all types of business including those who do not qualify for traditional bank loans due to bad credit, limited credit history, high risk designation or any other reason. We do not require business plans to approve funding, and we need no personal guarantee of collateral from business owners seeking our merchant cash advances. Essentially, when we give a merchant cash advance we are purchasing a portion of your future sales.

Bad Credit Okay

At HB Capital we work with bad credit as well as good credit


Affordable Payments

We work to find the most affordable payment schedule


Hassle Free Funding

We know time is of the essence, so we provide quick and easy service


No Upfront Costs


No Application Fees


No Collateral Requirements


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much capital do you guys provide?
    Depending on the product, we could offer business financing starting at $5,000 up to $1,000,000 to existing businesses in any industry, meaning the business must be at least 6 months old with a business account set up. If we are doing a real estate deal, we can do up to $10,000,000
  • Do you guys provide funding for new businesses or start-ups?
    We DO provide funding for start-ups. We need the client's credit to be at least at 685 and we'll need two years of personal taxes.
  • How long does the funding process take?
    We can get a business funded in as little as 24-48hrs upon getting approval.
  • Are there any businesses you guys don't fund?
    There are trickier industries, so we like to sometimes start small with these and work our way up. The industries that are tricky are auto sales and ammunition.
  • What other programs do you provide?
    We provide interest only lines of credit, syndicated lines of credit, term loans and we even do refinances on investment and commercial property with no income verification and no tax verification. We also do fix & flips as well as new construction loans to name a few.


"HB Capital LLC and the staff have been very helpful and fast in getting me the money I need to grow my company."

Sam DiMattia - Deli Owner

Wall, NJ


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